Here's what Carolyn R. had to say about taking driving lessons at Excel Driving School . . .

"Hello, today I successfully passed my G2 road test and am now a G2-licensed driver.  None of this would have been possible without Excel Driving School and my instructor, Chris Todd.  I was told about Excel by a fellow teacher whose children had learned to drive with Excel and she was very pleased.  Last fall, I decided at 49, that I wanted to learn to drive.  While this terrified me, it was also something I very much wanted to do.  So I signed up for classes and learned a great deal from my in-class teacher.  In the car, Chris took me through the test route and waited to drive me home after my road test.  That meant a great deal to me.  I am so grateful that I chose Excel.  I would highly recommend Excel to anyone, especially when I return to school in September - to fellow staff and students - who want to learn to drive.  Thank you so much for all you have done for me as a new driver.  Next year when it is time for my G test, I am confident knowing my instructor will be there for a brush-up lesson and support.  Thank you again."  Carolyn R.

Gettin' ready for the road!


Our Private Driving Lessons are uniquely designed for each individual  based on their specific needs and concerns.

Private Lessons in-car with licensed driving instructor: 

$50.00/hr + HST

Private Driving Lessons to Prepare for G or G2 Road Test

If you are looking to have some in-car instruction with a licensed driving instructor to prepare for either your G or G2 road test - we offer a 3 lesson package. 

3 Lesson Package:   $140.00+ HST

Need a car for your G2 or G road test?

No problem!  We can rent you one of our vehicles for your road test.

G2 road test       Cost:  $110.00 + HST *

G road test:        Cost:  $120.00 + HST *

(includes a 1 hour warm up lesson before the test)

2 Lesson G2 Road Test package   COST  $150 + HST

2 Lesson G Road Test package      COST $160 + HST

*may require to take additional lessons prior to test

Call us for details:  613-389-0445